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(10s Preview)


"Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc” treats the ubiquitous plastic chair as a contemporary design classic. In this film we show an enormous hovering cloud of iconic chairs that behave like flotsam and jetsam in breaking waves; poetry in the form of an algorithmic perpetuum mobile. The everyday, casual form of the Monobloc is pitted as a stark contrast against those of the designer und architects’ chairs. Present in larger numbers in the frame, it shows the audacity to have gained a place in the world of exceptional design by mere universal distribution.


ZEITGUISED with Daniel Hundsdörfer

6.45min Loop  (10.000 Frames)
4k UHD  (3840 x 2160) w Sound

Global Public Premiere at Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein 2017:    Monobloc - A Chair for the world








on:site >>turned off<<
horizon-free, abstract space
means: no extents ; INFINITE.
residual reference:
>shadows implicate light source detection ONLY<

multi-angle POV monitoring:
'swarm-like movements of 'CHAIRS''

source of attraction: origin unknown.
>seek 4 gravitational markers (:chairs)<

(attraction awareness required.)

decoding streams / movements: proxy anticipation mode.
lack of master gravity; multi-gravitational sources detected.

TREE appearance:
merge in additional layer (of >>real<<):
HUD (head up display) building up visual interference.
master signifier correlation.

>illegit inquiry…<
split screen denied. superimposed realness proceeding…

escalate inherent logics:
immersion effects multiply>
disorientation completed> collision parameters varified.


Flotsam & Jetsam is a series of works that explore algorithmic murmuration, cloud formation, swarming and work with no keyframes. They all are renderings of endless real time simulations of many objects or agents. The resulting forms are open - they are never finished, always in a state of becoming. They are not finite, they lack definition, yet are still recognizable as a shape. They connect to the tradition of baroque and renaissance masters to depict volumetric, bulging forms of natural contingency and complexity.

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Exhibition view
Vitra Design Museum – Schaudepot

Weil am Rhein 2017


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