2014, 1080p

Flotsam&Jetsam: Walls is building tension between an uncontrolled catastrophe and the controlled, abstract and and clean environment of the engineer's drawing space. Considered a homage to Daniel Libeskind's early drawing work "Micromegas" and the "War and Architecture" drawings of Lebbeus Woods, "FLOTSAM & JETSAM: WALLS" makes it possible to think two realms as one: the potential of systemic failure together with the assertion of control and the beauty of generating an artifact of indeterminate form in between.

It is also part of Zeitguised's larger strand of work that is concerned with digital clouds of grey goo: a transitionary, metastable mass of matter, influenced by information, that is nothing yet becomes anything, if only for a fleeting moment. A swarming system that shows symptoms of life and the agility of a connected organism, the cloud is a bastardisation of the abstract and the real as a twitching borderline between fiction and concretisation.

In a post-anthropocentric motion, the cloud works postulate that the predictable merging of nano-, bio- and information technologies will render perpetually evolving shapes into real artefacts of uncertain polymorphic appearance.



Full original artwork available exclusively in a limited edition on niio.


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