An evening with Zeitguised and Nadine Goepfert





Friday, June 17
18:00 - 22:00

Atelier Berlin, Prinzenstr. 84.2, 10969 Berlin

With Live BBQ Snacks by Kristof Mulack, cold delicious drinks and lovely tunes by our friends.

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Zeitguised started out with an algorithmic design approach that devises a synthetic complexity opposite that of physical structures, resulting in a reality that is both powerful imagination and seductive visual experience, to be mistaken and desired as the “real thing”.

Nadine Goepfert approached the concept from a haptic, tactile design rooted in the physical world and its sensoric reflection in us.

In anticipation of our “phygital” future, pioneering visual studio Zeitguised asked influential conceptual textile artist Nadine Goepfert to produce analogue reflections of their digital textile designs. Her bespoke fabrics reveal connection points that fuse advanced physical and digital design.
The four-hour exhibition presents, a fashion design piece based on Zeitguised’s genuinely synthetic digital process. By exquisitely controlling algorithms and creating procedures they arrive at unexpected formal poetry. The work of Nadine Goepfert connects this purely synthetic approach with the material world.





A textile design concept film. What looks like an eccentric simulated dance of color coordinated tumblr gifs is in fact a study of handcrafted algorithmic textiles and procedural surfaces presented what Zeitguised call exquisite realities.

A synthetic “ghost” shifts simulated textiles from passive matter to live organisms. They behave like apparitions in an artificial choreography, with movements that are imaginary yet familiar. Like a constant metamorphosis, the same sequence gets transformed over and over again. At each step, all aspects of the designs are modified, from algorithmic pattern to color scheme to fabric behavior. The results are meandering layers of style changes, a proof of a design where conceptual changes could be worn as an ever changing design.

The exhibition will also see the launch of a limited edition EP with the soundtrack of and its remixes by Superimposed Void and Yukon.


Based on the idea of translating the digital research and exploration of the experimental textile materials of Zeitguised`s film into „real“ haptic objects, the textile installations of Nadine Goepfert for Zeitguised emerged within mutual inspiration from both sides. Using the traditional way of knotting the colorful fluffy carpet yet oversteps the shape and idea of a classic rug by alienating its outer shape. 

In contrast to the carpet, for the second installation, Nadine Goepfert created a multifaceted layering of synthetic textile materials, which due to the overlay evoke, within simple means, some kind of technical screen effects when photographing or moving. 

A distinct piece of the installation ensemble is the Latex form late.xyzSeveral layers of procedural patterns criss cross over a hand drawn outline of an abstraction of a shoe print by Nadine. The data of the merged layers were analysed and re-constructed as instructions for a computer controlled milling machine. The resulting form served as a latex mould, and the moulding process itself underwent a manual artist treatment.



Nadine Goepferts work is based on research and conceptual thinking and explores the wide field of eventualities by creating open situations, which form the base for textile designs and art installations. 
With an eye on detail and an interest in traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, she constantly experiments with the diverse aspects of the materiality and structure of textiles. 

Her research on garments and fashion attempts to reveal our unconscious and unapparent habits in relation to clothing. The research is applied both theoretically and as a basis for further material explorations. 


Zeitguised is an international collective of artists, designers and technologists in the field of bespoke synthetic visuals and aesthetics. They have backgrounds in Art, Sculpture, Fashion, Architecture, Graphic Design, Animation and Film. Their design work is mostly time based, i.e. moving images that deal with transformation and interaction between object and environment. Signature style characteristics are realism paired with abstraction, complex materials and exquisite color-shape relations. Through their formal poetry, Zeitguised`s work shows that synthetic simulations can elicit sympathy and non-narrative films can yield a multitude of connection points.










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