Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc

"Flotsam & Jetsam: Monobloc” treats the ubiquitous plastic chair as a contemporary design classic. In this film we show an enormous hovering cloud of iconic chairs that behave like flotsam and jetsam in breaking waves; poetry in the form of an algorithmic perpetuum mobile. The everyday, casual form of the Monobloc is pitted as a stark contrast against those of the designer und architects’ chairs. Present in larger numbers in the frame, it shows the audacity to have gained a place in the world of exceptional design by mere universal distribution.

6.45min Loop
10.000 Frames
4k UHD  (3840 x 2160) w Sound

ZEITGUISED with Daniel Hundsdörfer

Premiere under the label ffmpe at UNPAINTED art fair, Munich 2016.
Global Public Premiere at Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein 2017.
Monobloc - A Chair for the world

on:site >>turned off<<

horizon-free, abstract space
means: no extents ; INFINITE.
residual reference:
>shadows implicate light source detection ONLY<

multi-angle POV monitoring:

'swarm-like movements of 'CHAIRS''
source of attraction: origin unknown.
>seek 4 gravitational markers (:chairs)<

(attraction awareness required.)

decoding streams / movements: proxy anticipation mode.
lack of master gravity; multi-gravitational sources detected.

TREE appearance:

merge in additional layer (of >>real<<):
HUD (head up display) building up visual interference.
master signifier correlation.

>illegit inquiry…<

split screen denied. superimposed realness proceeding…

escalate inherent logics:

immersion effects multiply>
disorientation completed> collision parameters varified.