Distort And Transform

In collaboration with conceptual textile artist Nadine Goepfert, Zeitguised transferred one of their algorithmic design concepts from to the haptic, physical world by creating a textile piece of design in form of a rug. To translate this structure, Goepfert chose bespoke fabrics of hand-knotted materials to create a unique, each one of a kind piece.

The Berlin-based textile designer is known for her focus on ‘real garment’ as a sociological-material connection and the experimental approach of using traditional craftmanship. In “Distort And Transform” she adds her specialties to the augmented realism created by Zeitguised and preserves it with a physical haptic experience.

The Process

Zeitguised started out with an algorithmic design approach that devises a synthetic complexity opposite that of physical structures, resulting in a reality that is both powerful imagination and seductive visual experience, to be mistaken and desired as the “real thing”.

Nadine Goepfert approached the concept from a haptic, tactile design rooted in the physical world and its sensoric reflection in us.